Combo 4@RM100 (Can mix bidang 50,55,60)

EVA Basic 50 C10V Black

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“Life is beautiful in its simplicity.”

We are proud to release the first batch of EVA Basic, the best value hijab ever released. A lot of time has spent into getting the material right, so that our Bidadarifans get the most of what they spent.

The EVA Basic takes the essence of other great hijabs we’ve released and is comfortable, cool and easy to manage making you feel not just beautiful, but also confident every day.

This material is the best Super-premium Cotton Voile ever produced and by far more superior than others, therefore its not just your typical cotton voile, making sure that it behaves accordingly everyday.

30 diverse colours are available for your daily needs so that you want have to worry about wearing the same colours everyday.

As always, all of our hijabs are made sure to be syariah compliant and the opacity levels meets Modest Muslimah’s needs.

Material: Super-premium Cotton Voile
Edge seam: Hem roll (Baby seam)
Size: Bidang 50 (120cm x 120cm +-2cm)

Disclaimer : Colours may differ slightly due to lighting conditions, phone display, contrast and brightness settings.

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1 review for EVA Basic 50 C10V Black

  1. Nur Farah Aidura (verified owner)

    Suka sgt dgn eva basic nii😍😍 cntikk sgt

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