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Quality imported Turkish hijab made by Bidadarihouse, for BidadariFans worldwide. Learn how we bring you the best materials all the way from Turkey right to your doorstep.

...you get all this...

with each and every hijab you buy from us, because we used to be customers too, just like you

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"mula2 sy try tanya mcm2 soalan. baiknya lahai yg menjawab ni. sy nego deposit pun still baik. team bidadarihouse ig/wassap mmg tiptop service. πŸ’™ should i say im your big fan now? please say yes πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜"
Protege Friend
Code: 18 Rhubarb
"love the color love the texture πŸ’–, now risau dgn diri sendiri sbb mmg jatuh cinta sgt2 dgn bawal cotton turki. smlm da plan nk pkai. bila malam xsabar tunggu esok pagi nk sarung this super comfy bawal. bila sarung wow wow wowww! Im you #bidadarifans tau 😍😍😍"
BCT Lover
Code: Y4 Brass
"Saya doakan Bidadarihouse semakin berkembang. Sejak saya pakai tudung Bidadarihouse saya dah tak pandang tudung lain sis πŸ˜‚. Hebat penangan Bidadarihouse. In sha Allah ada rezeki saya cuba material lain. Saya beli yaa sis ❀️"
Code: Ayesha

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